Daniel Chochlinski

Front End Developer


About Me

In my first year and a half, I focused on front-end development, gaining valuable experience in JavaScript and related technologies. Over the past six months, I transitioned to full-stack development, working on two projects. I enjoy the process of creating visually appealing solutions and finding innovative ways to solve problems.

Throughout my journey, I have successfully contributed to both front-end and back-end aspects, gaining a holistic understanding of the development process. While I have a strong foundation in front-end development, I discovered that I feel most comfortable and confident working within the JavaScript ecosystem as a full-stack developer.

Prior to my career in development, I was a professional athlete, which instilled in me qualities such as hard work, performing under pressure, and excellent teamwork. These traits complement my technical skills and enable me to thrive in dynamic and collaborative environments.



+353 83-894-4475